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We are in mourning for our dear friends: Freckles, Rascal and Poppy who have all passed on to a better place (although I don’t know where that would be as they had it pretty good on earth…).

Freckles remains reside in a beautiful black urn, Rascal in Blue, and Poppy in Pink. They all sit next to my champagne glasses on display  in the buffet.

By the way, did you know that it costs the same to cremate a rodent as a cat? That would be $180 a shot … dear in every sense of the word until the very end.

I’ve put my food down. NO MORE rodents. I’ve given away the cages.

Juliette has fallen in love with a German Sheppard stray who she says Molly has become best friends with.

I don’t care if they are soul mates : no, no, and  NO, I say…

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